In celebration of Father's Day 2017, we share the story of one of our makers, Pool. At age 26, he is a father of 2 - a 3 year old girl that has just started playschool and an 18 month old boy, who his wife looks after whilst he works as a Product Developer at one of our Indian suppliers. Mentored from a young age by his father, he sees him as his idol and has worked hard to become an expert of his trade. Working on the logistics of creating some of our furniture range, Pool and his team decide on any adjustments that need to be made to suit proportions and comfort for the end product. His favourite Dassie product is the Henri Chair, which he helped draw up the specifications for. He has also personally helped to create the Abella Chair. He hopes to one day follow in his father's footsteps and lead his own team. However, whilst Pool has followed his father's lead, he says that it was dream to work in this field and as a father himself, he also has no pressures or expectations for what his children will grow up to become. He loves using his days off to stay at home with them, and once a month he treats his family to an outing to the cinema or a park. When he has a few days off together he likes to travel back to his hometown to spend time with his parents and family, particularly to celebrate festivals! From everyone at Dassie, we would like to thank the fathers around the world that help to nurture and encourage their children around the world to become the best that they can be. All around the world, skilled and acient crafts are passed down throughout generations, and we love to reflect this in our lovingly hand made and fairtrade collection. As a special thank you, we will be selling our Barratt's Beer Bread range at a special discounted price, available for 2 weeks only. Happy Father's Day! Team Dassie x

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