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Trying to find that perfect Valentine’s Day present for your sweety? Why not try your hand at a homemade present this year? When it comes to love, it is definately the thought that counts, but we still want it to be presentable right? I mean, my 3 year old can hand me a crumpled piece of paper and grin and say I made this just for you mommy and I’ll love it, but I expect a bit more from my husband.

Unfortunately, for those of us left creative than the others the idea of making something homemade leaves us feeling clammy because all we can think of is the crumpled piece of paper. Never fear, the internet can save the day again. Try some of these great websites to not only help you with some great ideas, but also to tell you how to execute them.

Great Crafting Websites:

1) Craftster – Craftster is this great community of people who make stuff and show it off and share how they did it. If you go here and do a search for “valentines day” or “love” you will find some cool ideas. One of my favorites is this deck of cards love book here. This site is in forum format so you can even post just asking people for ideas.

2) Instructables – Instructables has step by step instructions for all of the projects listed there. Most include pictures as you go along and some even had video help.

3) DIYLife – Do It Yourself Life is another site that has some great ideas. You can search for “Valentines Day” or you can just look around at some of the interesting projects on there to see if any of them inspire you.

Of course, I’m sure you could find lots more great websites to help you out, but these are my favorites. They do a good job of getting the creative juices flowing, and show you how to create from start to finish.

Take a leap this Valentine’s Day and put a little bit of yourself into your presents. Show that special someone that you really care by making your present yourself!

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