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Many people want an airbrush tattoo because they are spectacular works of art. Because of the popularity of this new form of temporary body art, there are more resources for obtaining not only the artisan but also the medium for an airbrush tattoo. As in everything else you do to your body, you need to be sure the person creating the art work knows what they are doing and that the ink they are using for your airbrush tattoo is safe.

Since the Food and Drug Administration really doesn’t have any regulation regarding the airbrush tattoo business, they won’t be putting their stamp of approval on any type of ink used in an air brush tattoo. If the individual applying your air brush tattoo says the ink is FDA approved, ask questions. On the other hand, if they state that the stuff in the ink for your airbrush tattoo is approved, this could be okay. The FDA may have approved the individual ingredients separately but not as a mixture for air brush tattoo ink.

The concentration of airbrush tattoo ink is another factor to consider. The more concentrated the ink is in its original form, the more the air brush tattoo artist will have to alter the chemical make up of the ink in order to use it. This can cause the air brush tattoo ink to become inconsistent in color and coverage and perhaps more dangerous to the skin depending on how the ink has to be diluted. Air brush tattoo ink that is already ready to be used is the better choice.

All air brush tattoo inks have to be shaken while they are in use, some more often than others. Different air brush tattoo inks give better coverage than others and hold up longer once applied. EBA airbrush tattoo ink lasts the longest and covers well with out a lot of shaking. It smells like cotton candy. The draw back is that it has a limited number of color options. OCC air brush tattoo ink on the other hand does not have much longevity, needs a lot of shaking to keep it mixed and it tends to clog the nozzles of the air brush tool. ABA air brush tattoo ink is the least expensive and Nazille is so thick it has to be used at twenty five to thirty PSI. Both of these air brush tattoo inks have decent staying power.

When you get a temporary airbrush tattoo, the type of ink used will make a difference in the durability of your body art. Check to be sure the separate ingredients are FDA approved for use on the human body.

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