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In the Midwestern states, snow blankets the ground sometimes for months on end. In the Chicago suburbs, specifically, snowmen of all sizes line the streets long after the Christmas lights are down. And weather permitting; the snowmen survive well beyond the holidays.

So in the spirit of winter, I am embracing a snowman theme in all of my cards, invitations, thank you notes, gift tags and more. And here is a darling snowman card you and your children can easily assemble this season:

For these splendid homemade snowman cards begin by purchasing some 8 1/2 by 11 colored card stock paper. For my card, I chose a pastel purple shade, but baby blue also makes for a great selection. You will also need to buy white, orange and black card stock as well as ribbon, buttons and clear drying glue. If you are an avid scrapbooker like me, you may already own many or all of these supplies. In fact, I can usually create quite a few greeting cards just from my scraps alone.

Now cut the blue or purple card stock paper in half and fold to form two separate cards. Using the white card stock, cut out one large circle and then a smaller one. I traced the bottoms of various cups to ensure my circles were even, but you can also use a stencil or a scrapbooking cutting system. Next, glue the circles onto the card to form a two tiered snowman.

For my homemade snowman cards I used purple netting as a wind blown scarf, however any colorful ribbon or material will do. I also glued on purple buttons to the snowman’s torso and used smaller black ones as eyes. For the nose, I cut a tiny triangle out of some orange scraps I found in my craft drawer. Then, I drew on a polka dot smile with a black marker. And for a top hat, I simply cut a square from the black paper and then a long thin rectangle for the brim. I also attached a lilac fabric flower to the hat as a delightful added touch.

On my handmade snowman card, I added some sparkly snowflakes using a nifty scrapbooking product called Stickles. Stickles is like a glittery glue used to embellish just about any project. Stickles cost just a few bucks and can be found at most craft or scrapbooking stores. If you don’t have Stickles, you can make snowflakes using a standard hole punch. Punch holes in white card stock and then glue the individual “flakes” onto your card for a winter wonderland.

Here is a video tutorial:

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