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If you sell handcrafted jewelry, you’re probably aware of the most obvious markets for your handmade creations such as boutiques, craft galleries, and jewelry oriented stores. But there are other outlets you may not have considered that can be excellent markets for particular types of handmade jewelry. Here are some less obvious markets for selling your handcrafted jewelry:

Handcraft Jewelry Markets:

If you sell handcrafted jewelry, health spas can be a receptive market. Many of the people who attend these clubs are young to middle aged females who can appreciate unique, handmade jewelry. Plus, many health spas have a retail area where they already sell a variety of spa related items and may be interested in adding your jewelry to the mix. Hair salons are another strong market for handcrafted jewelry, particularly earrings. After a haircut, many women want to call attention to their new hair style with an interesting pair of earrings.

Exercise clubs

This is another market with a high proportion of young female members. Some exercise clubs have a spa area inside the club where you could potentially display and sell your handcrafted jewelry. Ask the director of the exercise club if you could try selling your jewelry in their facilities on a consignment basis.

Hospital gift shops

You’ll want to consider hospital gift shops if you sell handcrafted jewelry. People come into a hospital gift store looking for a special gift for a sick person or someone undergoing surgery. If you sell relatively inexpensive pieces, this can be an excellent market for your jewelry. You can even target your jewelry line towards a “get well” theme. Bracelets tend to sell particularly well in hospital gift shops.

Religious gift shops and bookstores

This is an excellent market for relatively inexpensive jewelry that has a religious theme. The theme can be as simple as the use of crosses or you could gear your jewelry completely towards this market and target it as a niche. Design jewelry with special religious meaning and you’ll have a perfect match.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops attract a variety of young females who are interested in jewelry. After placing their coffee order, they may browse the retail section of the coffee shop while waiting for their latte to be prepared. If you sell handcrafted jewelry, independent coffee stores are the best to target since it’s doubtful that Starbucks is going to be receptive to your marketing efforts.

Bridal salons

This one’s a natural. Brides and bridesmaids need jewelry and they want it to be unique. You could display some of your handcrafted jewelry in bridal salons and also offer a custom jewelry design service. Many brides are interested in having handmade jewelry made for their bridesmaids and would be thrilled to use your jewelry design service.

These are just a few of the many markets available to you if you sell handcrafted jewelry. Stay tuned for future installations discussing more markets for your jewelry designs.

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