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Meet the Maker

Punwipa Sripusa

Punwipa Sripusa

"I had fantastic training which taught me everything I know today."

Punwipa works at our Thai ceramicist, hand-throwing, forming and glazing our product range. At 23 years old, she lives with her family just 5km away.

She has now been working there for 4 years and absolutely loves her role. Punwipa speaks of her fantastic training that has allowed her to grow in her role- she was trained by her head of section and still works closely with her now.

She has loved working on our AW17 collection and is excited for the new additions to our Organics collection, as she loves the pink tones and hand finish of the Beetroot range.

In her spare time, Punwipa likes going to the salon and to Warorot food market with her friends. She also likes to make the journey to the beach when she can.

Hanh Dung

"These are traditional skills. My mother taught me when I was a child."

It’s a family affair where our ever popular seagrass baskets are hand-weaved in Vietnam, where weavers like Hanh Dung and her husband work. Her sister runs the factory.

Hanh Dung lives in the same village as her sister’s factory with her husband, daughter and parents in-law. Away from work, she likes nothing more than to relax and cook for her family. Her speciality is fried chicken! She also loves listening to music and singing and dancing with her friends and family.

Her day-to-day work involves both weaving the baskets themselves and checking that the sequins are adequately attached and doing a bit of quality control when the baskets are all laid out in the sun on a mat - that they weaved, of course! The whole team take pride in their work and put a huge emphasis on quality - ensuring all baskets are clean and well made before they leave the factory. That’s the beauty of working with a family business who care so much about their product.

Hanh Dung
Zereef Majid

Zereef Majid

"I practiced every day to become a master of my skill."

Zereef is 23 years old and works as a frame specialist in the in India. He is an independent craftsman, working from home and producing on average; twenty frames per day. He learnt his skills from a ‘guru’ that he met whilst job searching a number of years ago. Since then he has practiced everyday and has become a master of this artisan skill.

On a day-to-day basis, Zereef wakes up at 6am and has breakfast before beginning his work. When he is booked to work at the workshop, he enjoys his 20km cycle and arrives by nine in the morning.

A challenge of his job has been learning to work with the upcycled bone that is used in our Jabu frames. This material is sourced as a by-product from a local farm and is only used when available, removing any potential community strain and unnecessary harm to animals. It is a skilled craft that has been around for centuries, minimising waste in the community.

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