Free delivery on orders over £75.

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Payment Methods

Please see the below payment methods that we accept at Dassie Artisan.

Visa & Mastercard

We accept all major debit and credit cards. Please make payment when you place your order. If all the items from your order are in stock, we will accept the full payment. If we can only part fulfil your order, we will only partially accept your payment.

Account Customers

We can offer a 30 day payment account to customers who have placed a minimum of 3 orders with us, subject to our approval. If you wish to apply for an account, please contact our Customer Service team. You will be invoiced when the goods are dispatched and have 30 days to make payment.

BACs Transfer

To pay by BACS transfer, please select “Check/Money Order” at checkout and wait to be invoiced by our Customer Service team.

International Payments

All international customers can pay using any major debit or credit card, or a bank transfer. Please note, our SWIFT and IBAN codes are at the bottom of every invoice.

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