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If you make handcrafted jewelry to sell, you may enjoy the creative aspects of your business but dread having to market your jewelry. Marketing handmade jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes making some simple changes in the way you design your jewelry or approach your market can really multiply your jewelry sales.

Marketing your own handcrafted jewelry designs, gives you a chance to test different marketing approaches and allow you to get a first hand idea of what jewelry customers are looking for. Marketing handmade jewelry is an art just as the actual design process is. Here are some ways to market your handmade jewelry more effectively:

Ideas for selling handmade jewelry

Tie your handcrafted jewelry in with clothing trends

If you display your handcrafted jewelry at craft or jewelry shows, bring along a few examples of current fashions you can display next to your jewelry. Hang one of your necklaces on a hanger with a stylish dress or top so people can see how they complement each other. If you sell your jewelry in boutiques, ask the owner if she’ll place your jewelry on some of the mannequins wearing the latest clothing styles. People want the latest fashions and when they see how good your jewelry coordinates with current styles, they’ll quickly become customers.

Have your friends wear your jewelry to work

This is a simple way to sell handmade jewelry without any participation on your part. Have a few close friends who are fashionable wear your jewelry to their place of employment. When people comment on the pieces, your friend can let them know the jewelry is for sale. Give your friend a small commission or free jewelry for her time.

Create sets

Many people like to buy a coordinating set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Make attractive gift sets and display them in boxes covered with handmade paper. When people admire the necklace, they’ll probably end up buying the entire set which means more profits for you.

Create an incentive to buy more

At a craft, jewelry show, or home party, offer a special purchase discount. For example, if a person buys two pairs of earrings they get a third one free of charge. This type of offer appeals to almost everyone and can really motivate a customer to purchase more.

Encourage touching

Some handcrafted jewelry sellers become uneasy when customers handle the merchandise. When a customer touches a piece of jewelry, the chances of a purchase goes up significantly. The chance of purchasing is even higher if they try the piece on. Encourage browsers to try on the merchandise and have plenty of mirrors available. Once they see how good they look in your designs, you’ll have a new customer.

Marketing handmade jewelry can be an exciting challenge and keeping in touch with your customer by doing your own marketing can ultimately make you a better jewelry designer.

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