Using Car Tires To Craft Beautiful Garden Decorations

We decided to get a new set of tires for our Ford F150, so i started thinking about how can i use the old tires to decorate our garden. After a quick brainstorm, i was able to come up with some pretty amazing ideas.

In this article, i will be showing you how to use your old tires to decorate your garden. You can use the tires to make garden tables, flower pots, stools and more. All of these can be done with minimal investment and in a fun way.

Decorating With Old Tires

Hanging Flower Container

hanging tire pot

If you have trees or walls on your garden, you can use a rope and hang each of the tires on the wall to make them hanging flower containers. You can paint the tires to match the color of the tree or the wall where it is going to be hanged. The whole process will take less than 2 hours and you will have a great and unique design.

Standing Flower/Tree Pots

flower pot using a tire

Another great thing you can do is to stack the tires, and put dirt in them. After that, you can plant a small tree, or a bunch of flowers in it. 4 tires stacked together should be around 1 meters in height, and that makes it deep enough to plant anything.

Tire Fountain

a fountain made with car tires

This requires more effort and more time to pull off, but if you manage to do it you will have a great looking portable fountain in the middle of your garden.

Tire Stairs

stairs using tires

This is my favorite one, but you will probably need more than 4 tires to pull off. In my neighbors garden, they managed to pull off a great looking set of stairs using tires. You can do that by putting dirt & grow grass inside them, then moving them somewhere which requires climbing to reach.

Bird Feeder

This is my favorite. If you have birds where you live, cutting the tree and painting it to look like a sun or a tree, then placing bird feed in it can attract a lot of beautiful birds on your garden.


As we always do in this blog, we found something to do with old recycled items. I hope you liked these ideas, and if you have anything else to contribute you can leave a comment below!

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