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Xenia Taler Tiles are the latest in decorative hand crafted tiles that are actually art. The unique collection of fine hand crafted Taler Tiles comes in a variety of shapes and designs to create the perfect inspiration in the room in which it is used. Xenia Taler Tiles are also the perfect quick solution to change the flair of the room without starting a major expensive home improvement project.

Xenia Taler Tiles are the work of a Toronto artist by the name of Xenia Taler who along with her partner Steven Koblinsky hand craft these unique tiles from clay. What is unique about the work of these artists is that one designs the tiles and the other handcrafts them. Each tile is hand crafted, hand painted and glazed to create the perfect image. The talented artists create images such as folk inspired art, vintage looks, graphics, animals, birds, a black and white Crochet series and more. For those who are lovers of folk art, rustic looks, or other unique looking d├ęcor Xenia Taler Tiles may be the special flair you have been looking for to change the feel and look of a specific room in your home.

Each Xenia Taler Tile is designed with a cork on the bottom of each tile, which also provides additional decorative options as the unique hand crafted Xenia Taler Tile may also be used in the kitchen as a trivet, or to make a customized durable kitchen creation. The talent and artisan craftsmanship that is put into each of these unique tiles are also ideal to be used as wall hangings in that perfect area of the home.

If you are looking for the perfect house warming or wedding gift, Xenia Taler Tiles are an excellent choice s he versatility allows the receiver to use them in a number of creative ways. Xenia Taler Tiles are available in two different types of tiles. The artists designed a collection of tiles for hanging and for use as coasters and trivets. They also have created an excellent collection of tiles to be used for installation. Should you choose to use Xenia Taler Tiles as a backsplash or to create a unique area in a bathroom or other special area, or even for a tabletop, Xenia Tiles offer a product for this particular use.

For more information on Xenia Taler Tiles visit the Web site for Xenia Taler handcrafted tiles. The beautiful tiles are also available at a number of specialty stores, which are listed at the online store for Xenia Taler Tiles.

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